The Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto is the oldest and largest dental school in Canada and is highly regarded throughout the world, attracting top students, professors and researchers.

The mission of the Faculty of Dentistry is to provide leadership and to strive for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing dental education and in scholarly activities related to research and clinical care.

The Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto is unique in offering a full range of academic programs including a comprehensive undergraduate program and graduate programs with and without advanced specialty training. The Faculty serves as a bridge between the fundamental scientific foundation of the profession and its translation into health care for the public.

Dentistry is a long-standing and respected health care profession. The curriculum is designed to ensure that students graduate well equipped for professional opportunities worldwide, whether in private practice as general dentists or specialists, in dental schools as educators, in research or industry or, in community-based settings. With numerous career options available to them, dentists experience personal satisfaction as they enhance and promote the total health of their patients and their communities through oral health management.

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