Procedures for Application


For Application: December 1, 2016. The online application form must be completed and all supporting documents (as indicated below) must be received in the Admissions Office by December 1, 2016, which is the application deadline. Transcripts and certificates covering all previous university education and, if applicable, proof of English facility must be received in the Admissions Office.*

Applicants must arrange for transcripts to be sent directly to the Admissions Office, Faculty of Dentistry, from the institution(s) attended. Note: Applicants attending the University of Toronto are not required to make this arrangement. We will automatically obtain your academic record from the University of Toronto Student Record System (ROSI).

*Applicants seeking admission on the basis of official documents that are in a language other than English must submit photocopies of their original documents attached to notarized English translations. In addition, applicants must submit a detailed outline of all courses successfully completed in their university program and arrange for an official transcript to be forwarded directly to the Admissions Office from the institution(s) attended by the application deadline. If the original documents do not record the subjects studied and the grades obtained in individual courses, applicants must submit one of the following: (a) certified statements (accompanied by notarized English translations) from authorized officials of the institution(s) attended or, if unavailable, (b) a Statutory Declaration, providing the required information. Photocopies will not be accepted unless they have been certified.

Procedures for Application

University policies on access to student records and personal privacy allow us to communicate only with the applicant unless we have written permission to discuss the application with someone else. To apply to the dental program you must complete the online application form  from the Faculty website. It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the online application form accurately and to provide all information punctually. DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE RETURNED. The following documents must accompany the completed online application form:

  • Non-refundable application service fee of $ 275.00 CDN (only online credit card payments are accepted.)

  • Proof of citizenship, i.e. Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (photocopy only).This document can be mailed directly, faxed to: (416) 979-4944 or sent via e-mail to:

In addition, applicants must arrange for the following documents to be submitted directly to the Admissions Office from the issuing institution(s):

  • Official transcripts of all previous university and other post-secondary education.*

  • DAT score report.**

  • Proof of English facility, if applicable

All documents need to be mailed to the following address:

Admissions Office
Faculty of Dentistry
124 Edward Street, Room 104
Toronto, ON M5G1G6

* Applicants attending the University of Toronto are not required to arrange for transcripts if their complete academic record appears on the U of T Student Record System (ROSI); if not, applicants must arrange for official transcripts to be sent from the Transcript Centre.

** November 2016 DAT score reports are due in the Admissions Office as soon as they become available. Official score reports for test dates prior to November 2016 must be submitted by the application deadline. Note: Applicants requesting transfer are not required to submit DAT scores.

If there is information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Faculty of Dentistry to assist in the assessment of your qualifications, please present this information (not to exceed 750 words) on standard-size paper and include it with the application. Only submit this letter if you have any extenuating circumstances you want to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. Do not send in resumes, C.V.'s, essays, or reference letters with your DDS application. They will not be considered by the Admissions Office.