Overview of the M.Sc./Dental Specialty Program in Orthodontics

The graduate section of the orthodontic discipline offers an integrated three-year program leading to a Master of Science degree upon completion. Course content is divided between didactic and clinical practice material with approximately equal time being devoted to each. The clinical aspect involves the treatment of all types of malocclusions, ranging from routine to severe; under the supervision of staff members and the completion of these cases is a requirement for graduation. This approach to clinical specialty education is unique in that no single diagnostic or treatment philosophy is emphasized but rather a varied technique approach is stressed ranging from traditional edgewise therapy to the latest, most advanced, self-ligating, low friction appliance systems and fixed class II correctors and removable functional appliances. Each philosophy is presented by first-rate clinicians. The combined years of clinical and teaching expertise offered by these individuals has gained the respect of the many successful graduates of the program.  

The academic year for incoming first year residents commences on the first Monday in June.  

A major requirement of the program is the production of an original research project in the field of orthodontics and the publication of the thesis material in a peer reviewed journal. Research topics are varied but the availability of the "Burlington Growth and Research Centre" allows the use of unique data that is not readily available elsewhere. The affiliation with the world renowned Hospital for Sick Children's Cleft Lip and Palate and Congenital Anomalies program adds significantly to the learning

Residents in the Graduate Specialty Program must be able to demonstrate adequate background knowledge of the following subjects, which will not be scheduled in the formal curriculum of study:

  1. Dental Histology
  2. Preventive Dentistry
  3. Gross Anatomy

Oral examinations will be held in the first clinical year if the standard of knowledge in any of the above subjects is below that required. Arrangements for a formal course of instruction must be made through the Heads of the Disciplines concerned.

Faculty List

  • Arat, Emel
  • Daskalogiannakis, John
  • Gong, Siew-Ging
  • Metaxas, Angelos
  • Sectakof, Pavel
  • Sharma, Khushee
  • Suri,Sunjay
  • Tompson, Bryan
  • Wilson, William L.


Above image (right): A malocclusion treated by a resident of the graduating class of 2015.


124 Edward Street
Room 345
Toronto, ON M5G 1G6


Graduate Orthodontics (416) 979-4912
Undergraduate Orthodontics (416) 979-4900, Ext. 4339, 4356
Graduate Clinic (416) 979-4900, Ext. 4438
Undergraduate Clinic (416) 979- 4900, Ext. 4351


(416) 979-4763
Image of a malocclusion treated by a resident of the graduating class of 2015


Dr. Sunjay Suri
Graduate Program Director
416-979-4900 Ext4397
Room 345B
Dr. Bryan Tompson
Associate Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4605
Room 345B
Image of Will Wilson
Dr. William Wilson
Associate Professor
416-979-4924 Ext4398
Room 345A
Image of Siew-Ging Gong
Dr. Siew-Ging Gong
Associate Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4588
Room 375D
Ms Diana Tucker
Secretary, Orthodontics
416-979-4900 Ext4396
Room 345
Image of John Daskalogiannakis
Dr. John Daskalogia...
Associate Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4610
Room 200B
Image of Angelos Metaxas
Dr. Angelos Metaxas
Associate Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4400
Room 345C
Image of James Posluns
James Posluns
Director of Clinics
416-979-4905 Ext4348
Room 206
Dr. Emel Arat
Assistant Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4339
Room 481
Image of Khushee Sharma
Dr. Khushee Sharma
Assistant Professor
416-979-4900 Ext4451
Room 200B
Dr. Iacopo Cioffi
Assistant Professor
416-979-4900 Ext.4614
Room 519B