Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

For M.Sc. and Ph.D. students currently enrolled in degree programs in the Graduate Department of Dentistry, the Office of the Associate Dean, Graduate and Postgraduate Studies has created the following links that detail the timelines and benchmarks for progression through, and completion of, graduate degree programs.  Each of the links below will re-direct you to information about degree program progression and completion.  As well, we have included in each of these links, additional links to download important forms that you will require during the tenure of your program.

Statement of Good Academic Standing

A student is considered to be in “good academic standing” when they maintain the requirements of minimum grade performance in coursework (B-) and meet at least once per academic year (July 1 to June 30) with their Advisory Committee and have submitted an Advisory Committee Report to the Student Services Office for review by the Associate Dean for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies following such a meeting.  Failure to maintain good academic standing may result in various sanctions, including ineligibility for financial assistance, lowest priority for bursaries and assistantships, and even termination.

 A student who encounters difficulties arranging a meeting of this Committee should consult the Student Services Office in advance of the relevant deadline for doing so. A student who, through his or her own neglect, fails to meet with their Advisory Committee in a given academic year will be considered to have received an unsatisfactory progress report from the Committee.  In each of two consecutive Advisory Committee meetings, if a student's Advisory Committee reports that the student's progress is unsatisfactory, the Associate Dean for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in consultation with the supervisor may recommend to the School of Graduate Studies the termination of registration and eligibility of that student.

M.Sc. Degree Program

Ph.D. Degree Program

M.Sc. (Thesis-based) Degree Program with Dental Specialty Training

M.Sc. (Course-based) Degree Program with Dental Specialty Training

Ph.D. Degree Program with Dental Specialty Training

For current students who have additional questions, please contact the Faculty’s Student Services Office at

Images courtesy of Drs. M. Glogauer, S.-G. Gong and H. Tenenbaum.