students with Frankie Thompson

DDS Awards Night Honours Student Mentors

On April 4, the DSS held their annual feel-good DSS Awards Night, honouring the best professors, demos and instructors of the year. This year also saw the awarding of the second annual Colour Group Games Cup to Blue Team, for their outstanding participation in events all year. 

Congratulations to each of this year's winners!

Anita Arbor Frankie Thompson
Instructor of the Year Dr. Babak Shokati
Anatomy Dr. Yamini Arudechelvan
Dental Anatomy Dr.Simon
CCP1 Martha Clarke
Biomaterials Gordana Dimitrijevic
Prosthodontics Slawek Bilko
Restorative  Dr. Joel Rosenbloom
Anita Arbor Lily Lis
Instructor of the Year Dr. Karen Burgess
Team 1 Dr. Anthony Stokl
Team 2 Dr. Corina Alexander 
Team 3 Dr. Isabel Cumandra
Team 4 Dr. Mona Mohsen
Team 5 Dr. Stephen Murray
Team 6 Dr. Eli Shem-Tov
Team 7 Dr. Mario Mazeriegos
Team 8 Dr. Victoria Sugarman
Team 9 Dr. Daniel Biner
Team 10 Dr. Phil Carnevale
  Dr. Anthony DelCore


Anita Arbor Rovena Meto
Instructor of the Year Dr. David Powell
Orthodontics Dr. Tracey J. Hendler
Restorative Dr. J. Rosenbloom 
Prosthodontics Dr. M. Abu Ruja
CCP2 Ms. S. Mitri 
Endodontics Dr. R. Dana
DPH Dr. M. El Rabbany
Anita Arbor Dr. David Lam
Instructor of the Year Angie Kim
Team 1 Dr. Eszter Somogyi-Ganss
Team 2 Dr. Peter Model
Team 3 Dr. Peter Brymer, Dr. Cowan
Team 4 Dr. Hoang
Team 5 Dr. Barrie
Team 6 Dr. Anthony Stokl
Team 7 Dr. Baker
Team 8 Dr. Aras, Dr. Lawson


DDS4 Honorary Class Members
Dr. Aviv Ouanounou
Dr. Eszter Somogyi-Ganss
Dr. Anthony Stokl
Dr. Lorne Chapnick
Ms. Alma Maksuti
Dr. Rose Marie Jones
Ms. Victoria Kellner
Dr. Joel Rosenbloom
Ms. Rhea Gold
Dr. Richard Rayman
Dr. Daniel Haas
Ms. Tanja Richards