Meet the IDAPP Class of 2017


 idapp class of 2017


Hailing from India to Iran, the IDAPP Class of 2017 represent a unique, internationally-trained group of global citizens. Here are just a few of their stories. 

Originally from India, Madiha Alam Khan and her husband lived in London, England before moving to Canada, where she was accepted into the King’s College program in restorative dentistry. But her heart wasn’t in it; Madiha wanted a DDS degree. For the Bophal city native, entering the UofT IDAPP program is a dream come true. “I’m [learning] a million things,” she says.

Vancouver was the first Canadian city Parnian Mirzasoleimanbarzi landed, in June, 2015. She moved from her native country of Iran just three months after graduating from her undergraduate dentistry program, but couldn't be more thrilled to have joined IDAPP. She was accompanied at the White Coat Ceremony by a friend, also from Iran, who hopes to be a member of the IDAPP class of 2018.

Sweetu Shah came to Canada as an international student in 2009, becoming a permanent resident in 2013. She has been practicising as a registered dental hygienist in Canada since 2013. Working towards her DDS degree is “still like a dream to me,” says the native from Bombay, India, who was accompanied at the ceremony with her four year old son and her husband.

Punjabi native Jaspal Rajput practiced dentistry for more than ten years. It was while completing a Masters degree at the University of Rochester, though, that Jaspal realized he wanted to come to Canada. He moved to Vancouver in 2011.

Hamsaveni James moved to Canada from Salem, a city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, in 2012. She arrived with her husband, James, who completed the IDAPP program in 2015, and is now a busy DDS4 student. James recalls he really wanted Hamsaveni to gain admission to the program in which “you learn something new every day.”

james and hamsaveni with dean haas

Rabee Hasaan arrived in Toronto from Syria in 2014. His family landed first, with Rabee joining them in 2014. “[The education] is evidence-based here,” says Rabee. “There’s a lot of technology and infrastructure here that I find enjoyable.”

Neda Khebreh practiced dentistry for 13 years before she and her husband, an engineer, decided to immigrate to Canada from Iran. The family moved here in June of 2015.

Simran Gill is also a native of Punjab, India. Emigrating in 2013, Simran was a student of public health. He practiced for two years, and spent a year as a public health demo before deciding to apply for the IDAPP program. 

“I always had a plan to move to Canada,”says Matthew Shince, who came to Canada from Kerala state, India, in December, 2015. The IDAPP student plans to apply for the Masters specialty program in orthodontics after the DDS degree.

 Photos: IDAPP Class of 2017, James and Hamsaveni, courtesy Jeff Comber, IITS