Tuition Fees & Expenses (DDS & IDAPP)

Please note that fee schedules show the preliminary fees for the year: they are approximate. Each spring, the Governing Council will review and confirm these dates. Tuition rates for each year noted are effective May 1. For example, the tuition fees rates for 2021-22 academic year were confirmed in April, 2021.

Domestic Students: Fee Schedule for 2021-22

International Students: Fee Schedule for 2021-22

International Dentist Advanced Placement Program (IDAPP) for 2022: Fee Schedule for 2021-22

Fees for this program are non-refundable after six weeks of the program start date, as such, after February 18, 2021 there will be no allowable refunds of any fees collected by the Faculty of Dentistry. Please refer to the above Fee Schedule for full payment information pertaining to the IDAPP program.

Payment Procedures

You can view and print your fees invoice from the Student Web Service by logging into ACORN/ROSI, clicking on "Financial Accounts", selecting the "Show Invoice" option, and then selecting the session.

Visit the U of T Fee Payments page for payment options. 

Tuition Fee Deferrals

Tuition fee deferrals allow students to have a status of ‚Äúregistered‚ÄĚ without paying the minimum fee before the fee payment deadline. To request a deferral, login to ACORN/ROSI, click on "Financial Accounts," and then click on the "OSAP/Govt Deferral" button.

If you receive government assistance from a province other than Ontario, please follow these steps:

1. Take a copy of your provincial Notice of Assessment to Enrolment Services at 172 St. George Street or fax it to them at (416) 978-7022.

2. Include a covering sheet indicating your name, student number and faculty.

3. After three working days, submit your tuition fee deferral request through ROSI (as above).

Please note that students who have outstanding fees from a previous session are not eligible for a tuition fee deferral.


To stay registered for your current academic session, you have two options. You can make the minimum fees payment. You can also request a tuition deferral before the mandatory orientation and registration date (late August/early September). Outstanding charges are subject to a monthly service charge.

Detailed Fees Information is a click away!

Detailed fees information is available on the Student Accounts website. You can reach out to Student Accounts at (416) 978-2142 or with questions. Student Accounts is open Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (until 4:30 p.m. in July and August).


Student Payments:

Please click here to pay for clinical charges. 

Student Services Payments:

Please click here to pay for student services payments.