Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity Inaugural Faculty of Dentistry Campaign Cabinet

The Campaign Cabinet has been established to act as powerful advocates and ambassadors for the school, as well as for the University and the broader campaign. They are charged with helping to lead and support the campaign for the Faculty of Dentistry, as part of the larger University campaign.

Through the campaign, we envision securing the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry as the leading dental school in Canada. By achieving our ambitious goals to reimagine key teaching spaces at 124 Edward Street, creating enhanced supports for students, deepening research capacity and providing excellent oral health care to those who need it most, we will profoundly impact our community and beyond. 

A critical factor in identifying members is their passion for the discipline of dentistry and the overall success of the Faculty’s vision to improve health by advancing dentistry through inspired leadership, innovation and excellence in education, research and practice. 

Dr. Gary Glassman 
Dr. Bobby Chagger
Dr. George Christodoulou
Dr. Susanna Chow
Dr. Jack Gerrow
Dr. Michael Glogauer
Dr. Elizabeth MacSween*
Dr. Christopher McCulloch
Dr. Bruno Vendittelli