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We are a hub for world-leading research in dentistry and oral health and other aspects of human health such as fibrosis, pain, oral cancer and public health. 

See our research themes for more information.

Our researchers regularly work with hospital networks, regulatory bodies, commercial companies and academics across the world to investigate foundational research, develop treatments and improve diagnostics.

You can access our research facilities, discuss completing a specific research project, or develop a longer-term partnership with us.

Academic research projects and partnerships

We regularly work within academic networks, on individual research projects and in partnerships at a departmental or institutional level across the world.

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Non-academic research projects and partnerships: regulatory, not-for-profit and commercial companies

Our researchers work with a broad spectrum of non-academic research partners.

From commercial companies developing new products for market, to clinicians developing new therapies, we can discuss how we can help you achieve your research goals.

Example research stories

Accessing our research facilities

Our newly renovated research area has 25,000 sq ft of modern, open concept labs and 18,000 sq ft office and collaborative space.

You can access our research facilities by working with us on projects, or using specific services:

Dedicated imaging facility: CAMiLoD

You can access state-of-the-art imaging technology to study cells, tissues, and materials at all levels of resolution. 

Anyone can access the services, for a fee, through the on-line booking system.

Find out more on the CAMiLoD website

Histology services 

Our central histology facility specializes in processing mineralized tissues, such as teeth and bone. These are challenging to work with and often require highly sophisticated techniques for processing. 

We also perform routine histological analyses on non-mineralized tissues.

You can access the service for a fee if you are in the academic, commercial or private sector. 

Contact for more information and our fee structure.

Mechanical testing services 

Our mechanical testing facility uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to perform a variety of analyses to characterize biological specimens as well as other (bio)materials, including:

  • hardness tests
  • three-point bending
  • fatigue testing
  • torque analyses etc.

Our dedicated and experienced histology and mechanical testing technicians are happy to discuss your needs and find the most suitable approach for your research. 

Contact for more information and our fee structure.