Rules for Examinations

The following regulations are intended to provide each candidate with guidelines for behaviour and to ensure that all evaluations are conducted in a manner that provides each candidate with an equal opportunity to reveal his/her knowledge.

  1. No person will be allowed in an examination room during a term test or examination except the candidates concerned and those authorized by the Dean to supervise and/or observe the examination.
  2. Candidates should arrive at the testing room for a final examination at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the beginning of the examination. 
  3. Candidates will be assigned random seating numbers upon entering the testing room. In no case will a candidate sit in a seat other than the one assigned.
  4. There must be no communication of any kind between candidates once they enter the examination room.
  5. A candidate shall bring his/her signed University of Toronto student registration card (T-card) and place it in the top corner of the table at the seat that has been assigned. 
  6. No materials shall be brought into the testing room or used at a test or examination except pens, pencils and materials authorized by the Presiding Officer or Examiner. 
  7. Bags, purses, books, coats, hats, calculators, notes and pencil cases are to be left in the candidates' lockers. 
  8. Cell phones and/or electronic equipment are not permitted in the examination room.
  9. FOOD is not allowed.  WATER is ONLY allowed if it is brought into the testing room in a clear plastic bottle with all labels removed. 
  10. Candidates may enter the testing room for the first time up to 30 minutes after the commencement of the test or examination (No additional time will be given to compensate students who arrive late for a test or examination).
  11. Candidates are not permitted to hand in their examination books or material and leave the room until at least 30 minutes after the test or examination has commenced. 
  12. Candidates must remain seated at their desks during the final 10 minutes of each test or examination and will not be permitted to leave the room for any reason.
  13. If a candidate requests the use of a washroom, the candidate will be escorted to the washroom under supervision during the test or examination.
  14. Any questions regarding the test or examination should be addressed to the Presiding Officer only.
  15. At the conclusion of the test or examination, all writing must cease.  Instructions on where to leave the test or examination papers will be issued by the Presiding Officer at the beginning of the test or examination. 
  16. Examination books and other material issued for the test or examination must not be removed from the examination room except by authority of the Presiding Officer. 

Violation of any of the above regulations or those outlined in the University’s Code of Behaviour on Academic matters will result in an investigation and penalties under this code which can include loss of academic credit and/or temporary or permanent expulsion from the University of Toronto.