El Hadary
Amany El Hadary
Adjunct Professor
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Professor, Department of Removable Prosthodontics, Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, Future University, Egypt. June 2013 - Present. (Tenured on sabbatical)
Research & Clinical Specialties

ā€œClinical & Radiographic Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Locally Applied Chitosan Around Dental Implants In Controlled Diabetic Patientsā€. FDI (World Dental Federation) & Turkish Dental association 19th international Congress; 2012, 31st May- 2nd June, Ankara, Turkey. (Research awarded by the Scientific juries from Ankara University & Hacettepe University Turkey & congress for Best Poster presentation in the congress.)

Honorary class member award, DDS1 2020, Dental Students' Society, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

DDS1 Award winner teaching listĀ 2020. Dental Students' Society, University of Toronto

Honorary class member award, DDS2 2021, Dental Students' Society, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

DDS2 Award winner teaching listĀ 2021. Dental Students' Society, University of Toronto

Select Publications

El Hadary A., Drummond J. Comparative study of water sorption, solubility, and tensile bond strength of two soft lining materials. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2000; 83: 356-61.

Mekhemer S., El Hadary A. The effect of implant location on immediately loaded implants supporting mandibular overdenture. Egyptian Dental Journal, 2004; 50: 909-918.

Badr Nadia A, El Hadary Amany A. Hydroxyapatite-Electroplated cp-Titanium Implant and Its Bone Integration Potentiality: An In Vivo Study. Implant Dentistry. 2007, 16(3): 297-308.

El Hadary A, Yassin H, Mekhemer S, Holmes J, Grootveld M. Evaluation of Ozonated Oils on Osseointegration of Dental Implants under the Influence of Cyclosporine A: An In Vivo Study. J Oral Implantol. 2011, 37(2): 247- 257.

El Hadary AA, Ismaiel MDZ. Posterior mandibular residual resorption in patients with implant overdentures retained by bar or ball attachments: a 6 year prospective comparative study. Egyptian Dental Journal, 2012; 58 (4): 3707- 3720.

Ismaiel MDZ, El Hadary AA. Influence of Platform switching concept on marginal bone alteration around dental implant. Egyptian Dental Journal, 2012; 58 (3): 2475-2483.

Rizk FN, ElHadary AA. Study of retention and physical properties of conventional and microwave cured acrylic resin complete dentures: An Inā€“Vivo and Inā€“Vitro investigation. Egyptian Dental Journal, 2016; 62: 5005-5015.

Rashad HMA, ElHadary AA, Ismail MH. An In-Vitro study of the influence of inter implant distance and implant length on the stresses induced around mandibular overdenture implants. Egyptian Dental Journal, 2017; 63: 741-749.