B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Sc., Dip. A.D.B.A.
Dr. Carilynne Yarascavitch
Main Appointments

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dentistry

Program Director, the Dental Anaesthesia Graduate Program, Faculty of Dentistry

Director, Education Research Unit, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Active Staff, Department of Dentistry, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Beyond clinical and educational work in dental anaesthesia, Dr. Yarascavitch’s research explores psychological aspects of dental care, including encouraging empathic patient interactions during student training, and the impact of stress on the management of dental office medical emergencies.

Research & Clinical Specialties

Former Fellow of the Wilson Centre for Education Research at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network

Course Director, Heart and Stroke Foundation for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Sunnybrook Hospital 

Select Publications

Yarascavitch C1, Regehr G, Hodges B, Haas DA. “Changes in dental student empathy during training.” J Dent Educ. 2009 Apr;73(4):509-17.