Dr. Limor Avivi-Arber

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B.Sc (Med), B.Sc. (Pharm), D.M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D., Dip. Prostho


An Assistant Professor of orthodontics,Ā Dr. Avivi-Arber studies the big questions behind orofacial pain and prosthodontics: why do some individuals adapt better than others to dental prostheses (like dentures,) and how to help individual brains adapt to dental prostheses like dentures? Ā 

Research & Clinical Specialties
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Research papers

1. Avivi-Arber L, Avivi D, Perez, M., Arber N, Shapira S. Impaired bone healing at tooth extraction sites in mice deficient in CD24. Accepted, PLOS One. Jan 2018.Ā 

2. Nakamura Y, Iriarte-Diaz J, Arce-McShane F, Orsbon CP, Brown KA, Eastment M, L. Avivi-Arber, B.J. Sessle, M. Inoue, N.G. Hatsopoulos, C.F. Ross, K. Takahashi. Sagittal plane kinematics of the jaw and hyolingual apparatus during swallowing in Macaca mulatta. May 2017, Dysphagia.

3. Bunyak F, Shiraishi N, Palaniappan K, Lever T, Avivi-Arber L, Takahashi K. Development of semi-automatic procedure for detection and tracking of fudicial markers for orofacial kinematics during natural feeding. IEEE Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Jeju Island, Korea, March 2017.

4. Avivi-Arber L, Seltzer Z, Friedel M, Lerch J, Moayedi M, Davis KD, Sessle BJ. Widespread volumetric brain changes following tooth loss in mice. Invited article, in the special research topic of: "Structural magnetic resonance imaging in functional neurosurgery: Using in vivo measures of brain structure to inform clinical care". Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 2017, 10: 121.

5. Pun H,*Awamleh L,* Lee J-C, Avivi-Arber L. Decreased face primary motor cortex (face-M1) excitability induced by noxious stimulation of the rat molar tooth pulp is dependent on the functional integrity of medullary astrocytes. Mar 2016, Exp Brain Res, 234(3):645-57.

6. Avivi-Arber L, Lee J-C, Sessle BJ. Dental Occlusal Changes Induce Motor Cortex Neuroplasticity. Dec 2015b, J Dent Res, 94(12):1757-64.

7. Avivi-Arber L, Lee JC, Sood M, Lakschevitz F*, Fung M*, Barashi-Gozal M*, Glogauer M, Sessle BJ. Long-Term Neuroplasticity of the Face Primary Motor Cortex and Adjacent Somatosensory Cortex Induced by Tooth Loss Can Be Reversed Following Dental Implant Replacement in Rats. Nov 2015a, J Compar Neurol, 523(16):2372-89.

8. Kaplan I, Nabiochtchikov N, Leshno A, Moshkowitz M, Shlomi S, Kleinman S, Dagan Y, Meshiach LY, Galazan, Arber N, Avivi-Arber L, Kraus S. Association of CD24 and the adenomatous polyposis coli gene polymorphisms with oral lichen planus. Sept 2015, Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol, 120(3):378.

9. Sood M*, Lee JC, Avivi-Arber L, Bhatt P, Sessle BJ. Neuroplastic changes in the sensorimotor cortex associated with orthodontic tooth movement in rats. 2015, J Comp Neurol, 523(10):1548-68.

10. Awamleh L*, Pun H*, Lee JC, Avivi-Arber L. Decreased Face Primary Motor Cortex (Face-M1) Excitability Induced by Noxious Stimulation of the Rat Molar Tooth Pulp is Dependent on the Functional Integrity of Face-M1 Astrocytes. Apr 2015, Exp Brain Res, 233(4):1261-72.

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12. Avivi-Arber L, Lee JC, Sessle BJ. Cortical orofacial motor representation: effect of diet consistency. Oct 2010b, J Dent Res, 89 (10): 1142-1147.

13. Avivi-Arber L, Lee JC, Sessle BJ. Effects of incisor extraction on jaw and tongue motor representations within face sensorimotor cortex of adult rats. Apr 2010, J Comp Neurol, 2010a, 1;518(7):1030-45.

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17. Wyatt C.C.L. Bryant S.R. Avivi-Arber L. Chaytor D.V. Zarb G.A. A computer-assisted measurement technique to assess bone proximal to oral implants on intraoral radiographs. Clin Oral Impl Res, 12, 225-229, 2001.

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19. Avivi-Arber L. Zarb G.A. Clinical effectiveness of implant-supported single-tooth replacement: The Toronto study. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants, 11 (3):311-321, 1996.

Invited review papers

1. Avivi-Arber L, Sessle B.J. Invited review paper, Jaw motor function and neuronal control in old age. Jan 2018, J oral Rehab, 45(1):50-80. DOI: 10.1111/joor.12554.Ā 

2. Avivi-Arber L, Sessle B.J. Invited review paper, Jaw motor function and neuronal control in old age. J oral Rehab, May 2017. May 2017. DOI: 10.1111/joor.12554.

3. Avivi-Arber L, Blanchard K, Rei N, Sawynok J, Schweinhardt P, Sessle B, Svensson P, Singh V, Thie N, Ware M, Woda A. Topic 3: Complementary and Alternative medicine, Topical agents and the role of stress in chronic orofacial pain. In GJ. Lavigne, BJ. Sessle. Canadian orofacial pain team workshop report on global year against orofacial pain. Jan 2015. Pain Res Manage, 20:1-7.

4. Avivi-Arber L, Martin R, Lee JC, Sessle BJ. Face sensorimotor cortex and its neuroplasticity related to orofacial sensorimotor functions. Dec ( 2011b. Arch Oral Biol, 56(12):1440-65.

5. Avivi-Arber L, Lee JC, Yao JD, Adachi K, Sessle BJ. Neuroplasticity of face sensorimotor cortex and implications for control of orofacial movements. Aug 2010, Jap Dent Sci Rev, 46 (2): 132-142.

Invited editorials published in peer-reviewed journals

1. Avivi-Arber L. Neuroplasticity and the edentulous patient - Toward a paradigm shift in oral rehabilitation. Mar 2015, Int J Prosthodont, 28 (2), 115.

Invited book chapters

1. Klineberg I, Avivi-Arber L. Cognitive function and neuroplasticity related to tooth loss. In implant-supported overdenture: From diagnosis to maintenance. Editor Charles Goodacre. Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation. ( . 2016

2. Sessle BJ, Avivi-Arber L, Murray GM. Masticatory muscles: Motor control. In: Craniofacial Muscles: A New Framework for Understanding the Effector Side of Craniofacial Muscle Control. Linda McLoon and Francisco Andrade Editors, Springer Science Business Media, New York, 2013.

Clinical papers published in peer-reviewed journals

1. Li J*, Peng D, Jiang T, Avivi-Arber L. Satoyoshi Syndrome with Progressive Orofacial Manifestations: A case report. Int J Prosthodont. 2017 Mar/Apr;30(2):163-167.

2. Avivi-Arber L, Diwan R, Jones RM. Single tooth implant restorationā€“PRO. Dental Procedures Education System,

3. L. Avivi-Arber, R. Diwan, R.M. Jones. Single tooth implant restorationā€“Patient. Dental Procedures Education System,