Research Day 2019 poster competition

From cells to society: Highlights from Research Day 2019

The annual Research Day event, which spotlights the breadth of clinical and basic science of the Faculty of Dentistry’s students, took place on February 12. This year, the conversation veered from the micro level of cells and proteins to the macro world of economic policies and their effect on the oral health of communities – from “bone tape” to wealth/health inequities in the United States. 

Keynote speaker (sponsored by the Ontario Dental Association) Dr. Daniel Fried from the University of California, San Francisco, lectured on new and novel tools for the detection and diagnosis of dental decay, while faculty lecturers, distinguished professor Boris Hinz and assistant professor Massieh Moayedi, discussed their research programs, respectively, on connective tissue disease and pain modalities in the brain. 

Among the events were oral presentation competitions and a poster competition, the results of which are below. 

Congratulations to all who participated in this exceptional event.


View the photo gallery of this event here. 


Undergraduate (Summer Student) Category (3 awards):  

First place: George Rumman, poster #15

Supervisor(s): Dr. Paul Santerre

Title of poster:  “Improved Usability of a Biomimetic Surgical Adhesive for Craniomaxillofacial Fractures.”


Second place: Tina Tsai, poster #19

Supervisor(s): Dr. Herenia Lawrence

Title of poster:  “Psychological Adverse Childhood Experiences are Associated with Severe ECC in Indigenous Children.”


Third place: Anish Nanda, poster #10

Supervisor(s): Dr. Christopher McCulloch

Title of poster: “IQGAP1 Associates with Flightless in Collagen Remodelling.”


Graduate Student Science Category (3 awards):  

First place:  Mehrnoosh Neshatian, poster #35

Supervisor(s): Dr. B. Ganss, Dr. A. Kishen

Title of poster:  “The Combination of the Enamel Protein AMTN and Nanohydroxyapatite Accelerates Dentin Remineralization.”


Second place:  Robert Liddell, poster #32

Supervisor(s): Dr. John E. Davies

Title of poster:  “The Relative Effects of Three Scale Ranges of Implant Surface Design on Osseointegration and Bone Anchorage.”


Third place: Anthony Staibano, poster #40

Supervisor(s): Dr. John E. Davies, Dr. Vanessa Mendes

Title of poster:  “Effect of Resveratrol and Various Surface Topographies on Hyperglycemia-Induced Impaired Bone Healing in Titanium Implant Placement.”


Photos: Jeff Comber

Graduate Student Clinical Science category (3-awards):

First place:  Bobby Nadeau, poster #57

Supervisor(s): Dr. Anil Kishen

Title of poster:  “Deciphering the Role of Residual Strain in Vertical Root Fracture by Use of Advanced Optical Metrology.”


Second place: Trevor Thang, poster #59

Supervisor(s): Dr. Susanne Perschbacher, Dr. Anil Kishen, Dr. Massieh Moayedi

Title of poster:  “Developing a Quality of Assurance of Protocol for Damaged Photostimulable Phosphor (PSP) Plates.”


Third place: Malini Chari, poster #41

Supervisor(s): Dr. Carlos Quinonez

Title of poster:  “Magnitude and Changes in Income Related Oral Health Inequalities in the United States.”


Post-Doctoral Fellow (1 award):

First place: Nuno Coelho, poster #66

Supervisor(s): Dr. Christopher McCulloch

Title of poster: “Myosin Phosphatase RHO-Interacting Protein Regulates DDR1-Myosin II Interactions and Collagen Contraction.”


SRG Award Winners:

Graduate Basic Science:

Patricia Brooks - $750 Travel Award

Supervisor(s): Dr. Michael Glogauer and Dr. Christopher McCulloch

Title of poster: “Mechanism of Multinucleated Giant Cell Formation and its Role in Giant Cell Lesions.”


Graduate Clinical Science:

Yona Vandersluis- $750 Travel Award

Supervisor(s): Dr. Sunjay Suri

Title of poster: “Dental Outcomes of Cleft-Adjacent Teeth Following Pre-and Post-Permanent Maxillary Canine Emergence Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting in Complete Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate.”


Undergraduate Student:

Amy Lin - $750 Travel Award

Supervisor(s): Dr. Massieh Moayedi

Title of poster: “A New Model of Pain-Cognition Interactions.”