research day 2020 poster competition

Research Day 2020




AI meets Dentistry

With two keynote addresses on Artificial Intelligence in dentistry by associate professor Ervin Sejdic (director, Center for Networked Processing, Learning, Understanding and Sensing, University of Pittsburgh) and Dr. Igor Jurisica (senior scientist, Krembil Research Institute, Toronto Western Hospital), this year's Research Day put a lens on the future of dentistry. 

Highlights from this year's event also include the poster competition, oral presentations, and new to the Research Day format, the 3 Minute Thesis - Faculty Final competition.

Congratulations to each of this year's winners, as well as the organizing committee, on yet another successful event!


Research Day 2020


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Photos: Jeff Comber



Poster Presentation Awards

Undergraduate (Summer Student) Category (3 awards): 

First place:  Poster #5 Melanie Kiebalo

“A Novel Mechanism Of Latent Tgf-B1 Presentation By Macrophages”

Supervisor: Boris Hinz

Kiebalo, M, Lodyga M, Karvonen H, Hinz B


Second place:  Poster #16 Nevena Zivkovic

“Examining Income-Related Inequalities In Dental Insurance Status Across Canada (1996-2016)”

Supervisor: Carlos Quiñonez

Zivkovic, N, Aldossri, M, Gomaa, N, Farmer, J Singhal, S, Quiñonez, C Ravaghi, V.


Third place:  Poster #10. Shahmina Rahat

“Co-Assembly Of Amelotin And Amelogenin Peptides Guide Calcium Phosphate Mineral Growth”

Supervisor: Karina Carneiro

Rahat, S, Danesi, A, Holcroft, J, Ganss, B, & Carneiro, K.


Graduate Student Basic Science Category (3 awards): 

First place:  Poster #35. Kimberly Ngai

“Dental Adhesives Containing Antimicrobial Drug-Silica-Co-Assembled-Particles Reduce Secondary Caries Development”

Supervisor: Yoav Finer

Ngai, K, Stewart, C, Cvitkovitch, D, Mandelis, A, Hatton, B, & Finer, Y.


Second place:  Poster #33 Shahrzad Nouri,

“A Novel Model System To Study The Matrix-Mediated Attachment Of Epithelial Cells To Mineralized Tooth Surfaces”

Supervisor:  Ben Ganss

Nouri, S,  Holcroft, J, & Ganss, B.


Third place: Poster #42. Georgia Hadjis

“A Cognitive Branching Model Of Pain-Interference”

Supervisor: Massieh Moayedi

Hadjis, G, Lin, AY,Yu A, Sotoodeh R, Seminowicz DA, Mcandrews, MP, & Moayedi, M.


Graduate Student Clinical Science category (2-awards):

First place:  Poster #49 Rolland Gillies

X-Ray Imaging Practices Of General Dentists In Ontario

Supervisor: Ernest Lam

Gillies, R, Quiñonez, C, Wood, Re, Lam, Ewn.


Second place: Poster #45  Laura MacDonald

“Efficacy And Safety Of Different Interventions To Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement: A Systematic Review And Network Meta-Analysis”

Supervisor: Amir Azarpazhooh

Macdonald, L, Zanjir, M, Laghapour Lighvan, N, Da Costa, B, Suri, S, Azarpazhooh, A.


Three-Minute Thesis (3-MT) Talks

First place: Julie Farmer

Runners-up: Lizbeth Ayoub, Rolland Gillies


Student Research Group (SRG) Travel Award Winners ($1000 each)

Graduate Basic Science:

Sally El-Shennawy

“Streptococcus Salivarius Lab813, A Probiotic Against Dental Caries”

Supervisor: Siew-Ging Gong

El-Shennawy, S, Dufour, D, Leesque, Cm, Gong, S-G.


Graduate Clinical Science:

Vaishnavee Vassandacoumara

“Musculo-Aponeurotic Architecture Of The Human Masseter Muscle: An In Vivo Study Of Architectural Changes During Protrusion And Lateral Excursion”

Supervisor: Anne Agur

Vassandacoumara, V, Gheorghe, Ti, Leekam, R, Lam, Ewn, Perschbacher, Se, Liebgott, B, Agur, Amr.


Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Nazik Nurelhuda

“Oral Health Of Newly Arrived Humanitarian Immigrants In Quebec And Ontario; A Sequential Mixed Methods Protocol.”

Nurelhuda, Nm, Keboa, Mt2, Lawrence, Hp, Singhal, S, Nicolau, B, Macdonald, Me.


N.B.  Supervisors listed here were reproduced from the Abstract Booklet. Apologies for any errors.