Applicants to the DDS program are selected by the Admission Committee, which reports directly to the Council of the Faculty of Dentistry. Criteria for candidate selection are established by the Admission Committee and approved by Faculty Council. Final offers for admission to the DDS program will be made to selected members of this group of interviewed applicants, and will be based upon academic achievement, DAT scores, CASPer test scores, essays, and the results of the interview process. In making its decisions, the Committee takes all of this information into consideration. In early March, interviewed applicants will be notified by e-mail of the decision made by the Committee with respect to their application.

Factors not considered in the Selection Process are: race, creed, colour, sex or marital status; part-time vs. full-time studies or the program of study; previous applications to the Faculty of Dentistry or concurrent applications to other Faculties; University attended (no preference is given to University of Toronto applicants); family connections with members of the dental profession; or age.

A $2000.00 (CDN) non-refundable deposit will be required from each applicant granted admission. It will be applied to the fees providing he/she registers.