Admission via transfer into the second year of the Doctor of Dental Surgery program will only be considered if a space becomes available. Applicants must meet all academic and English facility requirements for admission into second year. In addition, dental program equivalency with the DDS. program at the University of Toronto must be established. Applicants enrolled in Dental Schools where the curriculum is not sufficiently equivalent to allow for direct entry into second year at the University of Toronto are not eligible for transfer consideration.

Requests for transfer must be received by the application deadline of June 28th each year. Documentation must include detailed course syllabuses for all dental courses completed by the end of the current academic year.) Applicants should be aware that the number of second-year places, if any, may vary annually and in most years no spaces are available.

To access the DDS transfer application please click the following link:

You can also contact the Admissions office directly at: (416) 864-8113 or