What is a petition?

A petition is a written request for special consideration related to non-compliance with mandatory course requirements or impact on academic performance.

Under which circumstances should a petition be submitted?

If a student:

  • Has missed a mandatory course requirement, e.g., an exam, a clinical session, a lab, an assignment deadline, a required tutorial, a case study seminar, etc.;
  • Any planned absence of three or more consecutive days must be requested in writing, normally at least two weeks in advance for approval
  • Has experienced extenuating circumstances which may have affected his or her academic performance -- these are referred to as "general petitions" and are considered only in the event the student‚Äôs satisfactory performance in the program is in jeopardy.

Which reasons are considered ‚Äúvalid‚ÄĚ for submitting a petition?

  • Medical;
  • Personal, e.g., family issues, personal relationship issues, illness of a family member, death in the family or someone close to you, religious observances.

What is the procedure for submitting a petition?

  • Pick up a copy from the¬†Student Services Office or¬†download the form here.
  • Indicate on the petition form the request being made;
  • Provide a clear and concise statement which outlines the reason(s) for making the request;
  • Include required documentation;
  • Submit the petition to the attention of the Faculty Registrar.

What form of documentation is required?

a) When the reason for submitting a petition is medical, the document required is the Verification of Student Illness or Injury form.

Please note that the physician’s report must establish that the student was examined and diagnosed at the time of the illness, not after the fact; a statement that merely confirms a report of illness made by the student for documentation by the physician will not be sufficient; rather, the medical report must show:

  • that the student was examined at the time of illness
  • the degree of disability involved
  • the duration of the disability
  • the practitioner‚Äôs professional opinion as to whether the student should receive special consideration on medical grounds.

b) When the reason for submitting a petition is personal, the documentation required depends on the particular situation. Students should discuss their situation with the Faculty Registrar to determine the type of documentation that should be submitted.

Without relevant and appropriate documentation, a petition is not valid and a grade of zero will be assigned for the missed evaluation.

What if a student needs advice?

  • Students who feel that they have genuine difficulty complying with a particular course requirement should consult the Faculty Registrar as soon as they know a problem exists.
  • Students who are unsure if they should submit a petition or if their reason for submitting a petition is valid should also consult the Faculty Registrar.