Office of Student Life

Whether you’re a graduate research or specialty student, a summer research student or an undergraduate in the DDS or IDAP programs, Dr. Richard Rayman, Director of Student Life, is your advocate. Dr. Rayman provides direct assistance to students. He’ll gladly lend an ear, and if you need more he’ll help guide you to the right resources to solve any issues that come up during your time at the Faculty.

In addition to his role as student advocate, Dr. Rayman is integrally linked to the student body and community life of the school. More than helping the students organize events (he also organizes the enormously popular Rayman’s Run each fall), Dr. Rayman can also be found on the clinic floors, helping students to coordinate their treatment plans.

Whatever your needs, Dr. Rayman’s door is always open. 


Dr. Richard Rayman, Director of Student Life

Room 200


Phone: 416-864-8121