Viewing and Re-reads of Examinations

After the issue of final results and within six months of the final examination period, students may request photocopies of their final examination answer papers from the Student Services Office for a fee of $13 per paper.

If, upon inspection of this, students wish to have the paper re-read, they must set down the reasons in detail and petition through the Faculty Registrar within six months after the final examination period.

A $13 fee is charged for a petition to recalculate a grade and a $36 fee is charged to reread an examination.

Such a petition will be granted only when it contains specific instances of disagreement with the existing grading and an indication of the academic grounds for such disagreement. If the revised mark is higher than the original mark as a result of this petition, the $36 fee will be refunded.

Students should note that when an examination is failed, it is re-read before the marks are reported, and instructors may not subsequently re-read any final examination except on the authority of a petition.

Please note that any recheck or rereading may lead to a lowering of the mark, a raising of the mark, or no change.