Prospective Students

Prospective students

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Choosing Dentistry

  • Last year, the University of Toronto was ranked #1 in Canada and #20 in the world for its internationally-renowned faculty and cutting-edge research 
  • U of T Dentistry is deeply committed to local, national and international service learning initiatives that give our students the opportunity to provide care to communities across the province and worldwide
  • Our award-winning students forge breakthroughs in multiple disciplines, including cancer research, cardiology, osteology, neuroscience and pain studies
  • Students join a vibrant and close-knit student community, with organizations and activities that advance future careers, raise money for worthy charities, and forge lifelong friendships
  • The Faculty of Dentistry has a renowned International Dentist Advanced Placement Program (IDAPP), as well as a national Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program in Canada, making UofT a pre-eminent destination for internationally-trained dentists 

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U of T Dentistry’s internationally-renowned professional undergraduate program prepares Doctor of Dental Surgery students for a future in dental practice. Our undergraduate students learn how to apply the fundamentals of basic science to comprehensive clinical care to our Faculty's 15,000+ new patients each year. Practical, hands-on experience is additionally complemented by dental public health and service-learning rotations, with programs operating in several of Toronto's top hospitals, as well as national and international service learning opportunities. 

Each year the Faculty of Dentistry admits up to 96 Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) students into our renowned 4-year, second-entry professional degree program. During the first two years of this degree, students gain a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of oral health science, biology and dentistry. Students also take part in the University of Toronto's unique Interprofessional Education Curriculum (IPE), a pan-University health sciences program that helps budding health professionals navigate topics as diverse as patient safety, social media, and more. The last two years are devoted to mastering the practical techniques and skills of patient care. 

We also offer up to 24 spots a year in our International Dentist Advanced Placement Program (IDAPP), designed for internationally-trained dentists seeking to practice in Canada. Students who successfully complete IDAPP are admitted into the third year of the DDS program.  

Undergraduate Programs At-A-Glance


  • 4 year, second entry professional degree leading to a Doctor in Dental Surgery degree
  • 96 students admitted each year
  • Years 1 and 2 are dedicated to in-depth learning
  • Years 3 and 4 give students the opportunity to hone practical dentistry skills and techniques 
  • students who fulfill all the requirements for this degree are eligible to take the national licensing (National Dental Examining Board) exam to become a practicing dentist


  • 6 month intensive program for internationally-accredited dental professionals, leading to admittance into the third year of the DDS degree 
  • approximately 24 students admitted each year
  • program runs from January through June each year

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Whether through designing nanotechology delivery vehicles or a new breed of dental products, developing access to care policies for the government or honing irrigation methods for roots canals in one of our graduate specialty programs, graduate students at the Faculty of Dentistry have their fingers on the future.

Graduate Studies in Dentistry, At-A-Glance: MSc and PhD Degrees, with or without Specialty Training

  • In 2016, the Faculty counts 94 MSc students and 24 PhD students
  • Students may pursue MSc and PhD degrees, with or without specialty training
  • UofT Dentistry is the only school in Canada to offer advanced training in all 10 of the specialties recognized by the Canadian Dental Association, as well as Dental Anaesthesia
  • Our graduate programs offer our students the opportunity to work in some of Canada's most renowned teaching hospitals, including the Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital 
  • Entry into our graduate programs are facilitated as a joint process between the University of Toronto's School of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Dentistry

Interested in joining an award-winning, internationally-recognized group of researchers and clinicians?

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