Faculty calendar 2021-22

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 academic year!

Drawing upon our over 140 years as leaders in dentistry teaching and innovation, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto is committed to building upon our strengths across research, education, and clinical practice.

With over 250 staff and faculty, and over 700 instructors, we provide our students with the skills necessary to excel in their chosen profession.

In addition to offering DDS as well as MSc and PhD degrees, we are unique in providing graduate programs in all 10 recognized dental specialties.

We offer programs for internationally-trained dentists to achieve a DDS degree, and for internationally trained specialists to receive their qualifications.

We are the largest dental school in Canada, graduating approximately 120 DDS students every year, with approximately 95 MSc and 25 PhD students currently enrolled.

Yet, our strength as a Faculty comes not from numbers but from the passionate engagement of our students, faculty and staff.

As we provide essential health services to the wider community, and give our students a strong academic foundation from which to develop their clinical skills, we also enrich their learning experience through community service/outreach opportunities and extra-curricular programming.

This academic calendar will serve as an important resource for the year ahead.

More than sessional dates and curriculum information, you will also find here helpful information on awards and financial aid, as well as a brief introduction to our Student Services Office, led by our Faculty’s Registrar, Ms. Samantha Freeman-Attwood, and the support provided by our Director of Student Life, Dr. Richard Rayman.

I encourage you to reach out to both the Registrar and Director of Student Life, who will be of invaluable assistance to you during your time here. They can put you in touch with the resources you may require – from peer mentors to on-campus support programming – and can guide you to any of the services you may require.

Wishing you a rewarding and successful year ahead,

Daniel Haas,

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry