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Two of the Faculty’s Graduate Specialty programs welcomed new leadership this month. On July 1, Dr.

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Awards recognize professionalism, contribution to morale

Administrative assistant Teresa Schiralli and laboratory technician Nancy Valiquette were announced as the recipients of the second annual Staff

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Vice-Dean, Education Dr. Jim Yuan Lai was presented with the Association of Canadian Faculties in Dentistry National Dental Teaching Award on June 14th at the ACFD conference in Quebec City.

The award recognizes exceptional

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The top students in each discipline were announced Friday at the end of the Licensing & Awards Ceremony, held at the Carlu on Friday, June 9th. Which students had the first tie for a proficiency award -- the first tie since its

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Distinguished Professor Boris Hinz and Professor Chris McCulloch have been awarded three CIHR grants for their research. The three grants stand in addition to the twelve tri-faculty grants announced

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The graduating Class of 1T7 began their new lives as dental professionals after Friday’s Licensing & Awards and Convocation ceremonies. But for Shoshana Gastfreund-Aziza, that new life had more than metaphorical meaning.

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Two faculty members from the Faculty of Dentistry have been honoured by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) with

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Honour recognizes outstanding Canadians who contribute to the country’s success and inspire the next generation

The molecules he works with are so small they can’t be seen with the naked eye, but for Professor

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Faculty of Dentistry’s strategic focus on research rewarded in latest round of grant results

Nine Dentistry faculty members have been awarded more than $3.6 million in major research grants during a recent round of government

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Grade 4 student Gabrielle was just one of a tribe of children who visited Dentistry’s clinics this past Thursday, April 28 for U of T’s annual Bring your Child to Work Day 2017.

“It’s not too hard,” said Gabrielle, whose

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The University of Toronto Cressy Awards, handed out at a special ceremony on April 25th, recognize graduating students for their community spirit and accomplishments throughout their time at the University. This year’s

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On April 4, the DSS held their annual feel-good DSS Awards Night, honouring the best professors, demos and instructors of the year. This year also saw the awarding of the second annual Colour Group Games Cup to Blue Team, for their

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The role of the alpha 11 integrin, a cell adhesion receptor, in cardiac cell differentiation and cardiac dysfunction, is the basis for a study just funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada. The $271.5K grant will enable a three-

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Assistant Professor Massieh Moayedi is part of an international research group that has been awarded a 3-year, £260K grant from Arthritis Research UK. The hallmark study will for the first time run a brain imaging study identifying

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Imagine a scaffold built from DNA nanostructures that attracts towards it—like a black hole—proteins and other building blocks essential for forming enamel.From the way these scaffolds are constructed, the nanostructures can also

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Distinguished Professor Boris Hinz has been awarded a grant totaling $250K from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund. Hinz was just

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“You can do your best job with fillings, crowns, braces, etc., yet some patients don’t adapt to changes in their occlusion,” says Dentistry’s Assistant Professor Iacopo Cioffi.

It’s pursuing the question of why certain patients

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A wave of fresh new talent hits Dentistry this month as the Faculty welcomes three new managers. Who are these powerhouses? We sat down with Beth Hensler (Manager, Academic Administration), Rebecca Ko (

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Metastatic oral cancer isn’t a subject Alexandra Blake thought she’d be studying as part of her DDS education. But the 2nd year student, who first started working with Assistant Professor Marco Magalhaes

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Antibiotics do not routinely need to be prescribed for dental patients with weight bearing joint replacements. That’s the finding of a consensus statement issued from a working group of dentists, orthopaedic surgeons and infectious

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A novel breast tissue filler foam developed to replace missing breast tissue after breast cancer surgeries has netted Professor Paul Santerre (cross-appointed to the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering) a 2016-17

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A joint study between UofT Dentistry’s Assistant Professor Dilani Senadheera, Wilfred Laurier University, and McMaster University have received a GlycoNet Collaborative Team grant worth over $400K to develop novel strategies to disrupt

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It’s the model dentistry has followed for the past hundred years, in which a community of patients revolves around a solitary dental practice. But according to Dr. Christian S. Stohler, the Faculty’s 2016 George Zarb Clinical Research

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A project headed by UofT Dentistry’s Carlos Quiñonez has been awarded a grant of $48K by the 

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Named after the Ötzal Alps where he was discovered, Ötzi was just 45 when he died around 3,300 BCE. And though the oldest known European mummy didn’t die from complications of the disease, mitochondrial DNA analysis has shown that the

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Celine Levesque, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, was among one of 25 Canada Research Chairs awarded today to the University of Toronto.

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Dr. Jim Yuan Lai, Vice-Dean, Education, has been honoured by the Asian Business Network Association with the Chinese Canadian Legend Award. 

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Dentistry students took relaxation to novel new levels at the second annual “puppy therapy event.” Organized by the Dental Students’ Society’s (DSS) wellness team and wellness officer Diana Liu on November 18th, the event

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 For the first time, scientists at the University of Toronto have identified micro RNA-21 as a key driver of “environmental” memory in stem cells ­­– but it’s how scientists may be able to manipulate those memories that could lead to a

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Chronic migraine sufferers - those who have migraines more than 15 days per month -  already know they experience acute pain differently than others. This month, a new study released in 

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Canadian company ClaroNav was recently awarded FDA approval for a navigation tool for implant surgeries – and the product, Navident, has a surprising UofT Dentistry connection.

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Dentin sensitivity, an age-old problem affecting an estimated 98% of the population at some point in their lives, is being countered this month through the launch of a novel new product, UNO Gel – and it’s a product with a UofT

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They’re small, unassuming – and potentially deadly. And while most bacteria are rendered harmless by the body’s defense mechanisms, to date there has been very little understanding of exactly how bacteria are able to navigate

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Faculty of Dentistry’s Dr. David Lam has been awarded a highly prestigious Connaught Fund to host a Summer Connaught Pain Institute, drawing investigators from around the globe to partake in workshops meant to further pain research.

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Let music be your medicine: new research by PhD Candidate Alicia Howard suggests that music prescription can make a significant impact on quality of life for people suffering from chronic pain due to TMJ disorders.

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Pioneering a range of innovations, from pain management through music to stronger dental fillings, 19 University of Toronto researchers have received support from a federal investment of $5.2 million.

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