Our graduates: inspiring generations

We are a global community of over 8,300 living alumni residing in more than 50 countries.

The U of T Dentistry alumni community is strong and supportive.

As the first and largest dental school in Canada, we have the greatest number of alumni you can connect with for mentorship and to learn from for a lifetime.

Many of our graduates are, naturally, dentists and specialist dentists, but also:

  • Researchers
  • Teachers and instructors
  • Hygienists
  • Deans of dental schools
  • Leaders in organizations such as the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and provincial regulatory bodies
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Read interviews with leading alumni in the Alumni Special U of T Dentistry magazine 2018.

Some of our notable alumni

Arlington Franklin Dungy, inclusion activist, was one of Ontario’s first Black dental school graduates.

Don Coburn revolutionised dental practices by redesigning dental chairs and the dentist’s “cockpit”.

George Christodoulou is co-founder and owner of, Altima Dental and Medical, the largest network of partner-owned clinics in Canada.

Tina Meisami founded the Dr Borna Meisami Commemorative Foundation which offers dental care to women who have suffered physical abuse, or whose dental health is poor due to poverty or homelessness.

James Younger founded and owns TempStars, the largest dental temp agency in Canada, connecting over 3,600 hygienists and assistants.

Jack Gerrow pioneered competency testing in dental education and practice. Today, this model is used around the world, not only in dentistry, but also in other professions.

Current Dean, Daniel Haas graduated from our DDS in 1979.

Ashley Lindsay helped found China’s first dental school.

Elizabeth MacSween broke through glass ceilings for women in dentistry, becoming the first female president of the Ontario Dental Association, vice-president of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and director of the CDSPI (which provides insurance and financial services to dentists).

Chris McCulloch is one of the Faculty’s most prolific and high-profile researchers and his leading work on fibrosis (the excessive connective tissue that develops in organs and causes disease, including periodontitis) has earned the Faculty worldwide recognition.

“Our students and alumni tell us that one of the defining aspects of our program is the lifelong friendships they have made here, not just among their fellow students, but also among our faculty.”

Daniel Haas, Professor and Dean