Our Mission


Our Community

Every year, students at the Faculty of Dentistry clinics welcome over 78,000 patient visits and serve over 15,000 patients, a significant number of whom are disadvantaged and cannot afford the costs of private care. While our costs are dramatically lower than that of private practice, students provide our communities with world-class care under the supervision of licensed and seasoned instructors. Visit our Patient site

Beyond the clinics and classrooms, vibrant collectives of Dentistry students engage in community-oriented extracurricular work, raising money for underprivileged patients and other healthcare charities.

Meanwhile, researchers at the Faculty serve the global community through pioneering groundbreaking advances. From stronger, “smarter” fillings to advances in nanotechnology and wound healing, from cardiovascular testing to advances in dental implants and stem cell therapies, our researchers dissolve the theoretical boundaries between oral and overall health, forging innovations in biomedical, cancer, and pain management research. Read more about our research.

Our Mission

The Faculty nurtures future leaders in dentistry and systemic healthcare, honoring its mission to improve local communities and global health by:

  • Preparing the next generation of clinicians, scientists, educators and leaders in the profession
  • Conducting high-impact research
  • Establishing partnerships and networks locally, nationally and internationally to translate research knowledge into practice and policy
  • Promoting comprehensive and patient-centered care from disease prevention to management
  • Developing and supporting evidence-informed policies to advance and advocate for the needs of society 

Our Values

At the Faculty of Dentistry, everything from introductory curriculum to advanced research is informed a core set of values. Woven together, these values create a distinct profile both within the University, within Canada, and upon the world stage. We are guided by the following values: 

  • Excellence in achieving the highest standards of scholarship, critical thinking, professionalism, clinical practice and outcomes.
  • Ethicality encompassing integrity in practice and behaviour.
  • Respect for diverse ideas, rights, beliefs and perspectives of all students, patients, staff and faculty.
  • Compassion in patient care.
  • Collaboration across disciplines and professions, with internal and external partners.
  • Accountability by fairness and transparency in all our activities.
  • Social responsibility in meeting the oral health needs of disadvantaged populations and serving the needs of our communities. 


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Message from Dean Daniel Haas

Our vision is to improve health by advancing dentistry through inspired leadership, innovation, and excellence in education, research and clinical practice.

Oral health is an important component and marker of overall health.

Here at the Faculty of Dentistry, we strive to eliminate the divide between clinical practice and research. By crossing disciplinary boundaries, we can collectively challenge and progress health care, leading to better outcomes for our patients. By training the next generation of clinical practitioners and scientists, we ensure that generations of patients receive the highest standards of care.

I invite you to explore our programs, our services, and our stories. 


- Daniel Haas, 

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry