Donors, sponsors and friends

Your support has transformed our teaching, research and clinical practice touching and improving thousands of lives across the globe. Thank you! 

We appreciate everything that you do.  


We thank and celebrate our inspiring alumni, donors and friends who have generously supported the Faculty. 

Defy Gravity Campaign Cabinet

The Campaign Cabinet has been established to act as powerful advocates and ambassadors for the school, as well as for the University and the broader campaign. They are charged with helping to lead and support the campaign for the Faculty of Dentistry, as part of the larger University campaign.


The sponsorship program with the Faculty gives your company a platform to deliver your message to a highly receptive audience who later become powerful buyers and decision-makers when out in practice. 

Support for the school is support for our students! We have several philanthropic and sponsorship opportunities available.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Julia Al Akaila
Development Officer